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Ọzọemena: The Origin of a Message and the Messenger

Every word ever written by a man as a story, an essay, a memoir or any other creative piece that eventually became a public meal for digestion is a prayer answered. Every prayer like a message, a sacrifice, an oblation in the mind of the messenger, the writer, must first speak in his subconscious before talking to the public positively to educate and direct them in areas where they have fallen short.

Every message has an origin and Ọzọemena chant in vivid verses is not an exception. Like yesterday, precisely on the 19th February, 2016, I wrote a piece entitled, ‘ The Land of the Rising Sun,’ while trying to design a logo with my pen. The idea soon raged in my mind begging for a collection and one thing led to another until early February 2020, precisely 18th, the muse returned while giving me sleepless nights.

The book, Ọzọemena, which eventually became a collection in the process will speak to every part of your subconscious and humanity, it will challenge your mind through a process and will never leave you the same way it met you but certainly as a better person through transformation. As you journey with me through this book of meditation, you will discover the power in words and why this weeping of a people so marginalized and subjugated by deceit in form of a rancid note must stop. The music of unity appealing to the ear presently is riddled with cosmetic love and cacophony of lies.

Ọzọemena is the music from the heart singing of the author with a heart full of pain while saying that there should be no more weeping.


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Ọzọemena: The Origin of a Message and the Messenger

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